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Special Hazard systems are designed to protect high-value or unique environments where traditional fire protection methods may not be sufficient. It is tailored to address the unique fire risks and challenges associated with these specialized areas. Some examples of special hazard fire protection systems that AFS offers are: Clean Agent, Water Mist, Foam Suppression, and Hybrid(water and inert gas) systems.


Server Rooms

In the technology sector, you can't afford downtime of your server equipment. Taking water out of the equation eliminates damage to sensitive equipment to keep you up and running even if a potential fire occurs.


Special hazard systems are recommended in situations protecting unreplaceable works of art and artifacts. In a museum water can be just as destructive to the pieces as fires can be. Special hazard systems are an alternative that eliminates the risk of damaging valuable assets.


Aircraft hangers carry a massive fire risk due to the fuel load in the planes. Utilizing foam to suppress a flammable liquid fire by forming a blanket over the fuel surface, and thus preventing oxygen from reaching the fire is the safest and most effective application.

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Our Surveyors use the newest technologies allowing them to get the most accurate foundation to start our jobs.


We meticulously design our systems to meet NFPA standards as well as project specifications. We meet the most challenging architectural designs with innovation and collaboration.


With all of our design and fabrication under one roof we keep full control on every step of the process. This allows us to ensure that the job meets are standards.


With our vastly experienced Superintendents our field teams are able to efficiently install and test all systems ensuring that they are functioning properly.

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American Fire Systems provides fire suppression systems that are build for you build-outs. We design and install sprinkler and alarm projects of all sizes. We have partnerships with the biggest and best suppliers to ensure that you have a system that is ready when needed. We work with your architect and engineer to ensure that we don't dictate design yet allow design to enfluence are systems. We work around you to give you the best product that hides when needed and performance when asked upon it.

Our alarm team has the ability to monitor systems after installation giving the onsite crews a worry free


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