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Our History

American Automatic Sprinkler Company was founded in 1976 by the late Mr. Austin M. Saffer, Jr.  From a humble beginning grew an enterprise involved with more than 1,000 commercial projects each year! The Company was first started in the dining room of the Saffer’s home, in Arlington.  Their first project was a limited area, wet pipe sprinkler system in an apartment building, located in Washington, D.C.  The late Mr. Saffer designed the projects, and worked in the field; while his wife, Barbara, maintained the financial data and paperwork. The Saffers had a construction storage trailer which served as their shop. Today AASCO operates over 90 service vehicles and employees over 180 quality individuals.  In 1996 AASCO moved to a 2,000 square foot building in Merrifield; where the Saffers began doing their own fabrication.  Since then the company has greatly expanded, and moved two more times. Today it occupies a 26,000 square foot office/warehouse.

Our Future

The change to the name American Fire Systems represents the company’s couniting evolution, striving to build upon their reputation while expanding. Through technology and collaboration AFS is taking on more projects in more places. The company has developed partnership paving the way for multiple new industries.

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Fabrication Shop

A large part of the company’s success is the ability to obverse and collaborate through every prosses. While designing the current AFS offices the cohesion between the Fabrication shop and the Designers were of utmost importance. Our fabrication shop allows the company more freedom in timelines as well as the ensures that the product will be up to our standard.

"Our shop is purpose built to be the best and most effective solution to fabrication."
Headshot of David
David Galdamez
Shop manager

Production per day

Threaded pipe
15,000 ft
Of Pipe
Jobs completed
welded Pipe

We are dedicated to the future

Our faberacation is assisted by the newest technologies

Our Fabrication shop is assisted by the use of four automated welding machines. Our welders are one of the assets that allow us to increase our production. The integration between the shop and office allows seamless collaboration between the two departments. Through the use of the software Procore, we are able to complete jobs quicker and track jobs more effectively, giving the end user a better experience with the highest quality end result.

5 automated welders
new truck fleet
Industry leading technologies

Our office

Our offices allow us to connect without skipping a beat

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20 individual offices
50 employees
Industry leading technologies
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HP Plotter
Kitchen and Gym

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