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American Fire Systems has played a vital roll in the mass expansion of the datacenter boom in Northern Virginia. We have continued to expand our capabuiltys by investing in the experienced designers and installers. Our capabuilt teams are able to keep up with the fastest moving projects due to collaborations through all aspects of the job. We control design, fabrication and installation. From single office on premises protection to multi building data centers we are able to provide a solution for any protection needs.

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We are experts in data centers fire suppresion. From VESDA and Alarm to Pre-action Nitrogen systems we protect your most valuable assets. We have worked on over 50 data centers and counting. We understand the nature of the industry, and we can keep up with the demanding schedule. Time is money and we are project mangers work with your contractors to ensure the work is done. With both Alarm and Suppression under one roof we are able to effortlessly collaborate to ensure that your suppression systems are fully operational. We have the resourses to keep the process in-house to meet your secuity needs.


American Fire Systems alarm teams have been a massive part of the success of the technology sector. They give more control over projects creating a direct link between the alarm and sprinkler teams. This connection allows for efficient internal collaboration, which intern creates a completely integrated network between the whole system. Preactionary Systems are reliant on detecting devices such as VESDA. Due to coordination, we can execute complicated integration between all systems allowing end users a worry-free experience.

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American Fire Systems provides fire suppression systems that are build for you build-outs. We design and install sprinkler and alarm projects of all sizes. We have partnerships with the biggest and best suppliers to ensure that you have a system that is ready when needed. We work with your architect and engineer to ensure that we don't dictate design yet allow design to enfluence are systems. We work around you to give you the best product that hides when needed and performance when asked upon it.

Our alarm team has the ability to monitor systems after installation giving the onsite crews a worry free


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