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American Fire Systems designs, fabricates and installs suppression systems that meet the your required demands. We work closely with the architect on prefomance and design to ensure that it will function without archtectual enterfearence. Our goal at AFS is to work to meet yours!

We specialize in complex ceiling design doing minimal alteration to be able to meet the standards of the contractor and the state. From drop ceilings to custom cloud and all in-between we can work with you to find the perfect fit.

Our Base and Interior design teams work hand and hand to allow a flawless transition between Core and Shell and Tenant build out.

QIM is a multi-story office space with on-premises computing and storage configurations. The air tight server room is protected by a Nitrogen, Special hazard system which takes the place of a traditional suppression system. The Nitrogen insures protection of the equipment without the introduction of water.
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American Fire Systems alarm team has partnered with siemens to produce the most reliable and cutting edge systems. We integrate there products into your buildings allowing for early warnings of a fire which saves money and lives. We have the ability to monitor the hardware remotely ensuring that your systems are up and running and with a worry free process. We monitor your building so you don't worry about it.

We systems are build to comply with NFPA 72. We work with our clients to design around their needs. We are flexible and allow for many design criteria. We want to be there when you need us most and not seen or heard when you don't.

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American Fire Systems provides fire suppression systems that are build for you build-outs. We design and install sprinkler and alarm projects of all sizes. We have partnerships with the biggest and best suppliers to ensure that you have a system that is ready when needed. We work with your architect and engineer to ensure that we don't dictate design yet allow design to enfluence are systems. We work around you to give you the best product that hides when needed and performance when asked upon it.

Our alarm team has the ability to monitor systems after installation giving the onsite crews a worry free


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